Austin is located right in the middle of the “Texas Triangle,” an area formed by drawing an imaginary line between Dallas – Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. This area, with a population of 18.14 million in 2018 expected to grow to 21.65 million by 2030), is the economic powerhouse of both the state of Texas and the Southern United States.

Austin’s prime location in this triangle gives its residents easy access to all that our state offers, most of it being only a short drive away. If an Austinite wants to branch out from the numerous parks and trails in our city and experience the more rugged side of Texas, a short drive west will bring them into the beautiful Hill Country. With famous attractions like Enchanted Rock and quaint small towns like Fredericksburg and Luckenbach, this area gives Austinites endless possibilities for adventurous day trips.

If the beach is more your style, Austinites can also enjoy frequent trips to the coast. Voted best beach in Texas, Rockport is only a three-hour drive away, and other popular destinations like Port Aransas and Galveston are not much further. With 600 miles of coast available in Texas, Austin residents will never run out of places to relax at the beach.

Austin’s location is also perfect for anyone who requires easy access to other major cities. Being located on IH-35 means Austin is a great home base for anyone needing to travel to Dallas-Fort Worth or San Antonio on a regular basis, and Houston is easily accessible as well. And if Elon Musk’s hyperloop technology ever makes its way to Texas, travel times to these three cities could even be cut down to minutes.

Sure we could all do without cedar season and those 100 degree summer days, but those negatives about Austin’s location are a small price to pay for all the places we can visit and tacos we get to eat.